6th Grade – Country Research Website

scotlandwebsite6th graders have been researching countries¬†with regard to the five themes of geography, and took notes in a packet of information using online databases, websites and books. We decided that they should each create a website for their country as a way to share their knowledge. They used the new Google Sites to create a main site with five or six additional pages. The pages included information about the country’s culture, government, education, land, transportation, etc. In the Google Classroom assignment I attached the packet that the students used for their research notes and a handout on how to use Google Sites. Click here for the Sites Cheat Sheet that we used. Once the website was published, each student marked their country on a world map with a virtual pushpin in Google Drawings. The pushpin image was hyperlinked to their website. When the Google Drawing was downloadedworld-map as a pdf file, it could be shared and posted with active links to each country’s website.