Kindergarten – Sight Words Scavenger Hunt with QR Codes

videoKindergarteners used iPads to practice their sight words. They opened a QR Code reader app to scan codes placed around the room. Each code brought them to an animated video of that sight word (for a sample video click here). Once a video was watched the student recorded that word on a recording sheet to keep track of their work and to practice writing the words. You can access our recording sheet here. The QR code cards were created in Google Slides. You can access them hereQRCodes

This was used as a center activity and completed over time. The sight words were rotated or changed each week to keep the activity fresh and interesting.


2nd Grade – Google Slideshow

sharksStudents have been learning about the features of non-fiction text and they have been researching animals. This was a great opportunity to have them share their learning by creating slideshows and share them with the class. Each student created their own Google Slideshow including at least one slide. They added at least one picture of the animal that they’ve researched and they were asked to add a caption and a headline. The students are learning to log into their own Google accounts on their Chromebooks, so we could use Google Classroom to create the assignment. The teacher added the assignment to her Classroomnexus2cee_slides-thumb and included a template slide for the students to work on. When they opened the assignment the copy of the document was ready for them to edit. As the students finished, they clicked “Turn In” and the teacher was able to combine all of the slides into one large presentation. For more details about this project, click here.  Here are some student samples: Student A, Student B, Student C

1st Grade – Getting to Know Characters

img_08121st Grade students used the Popplet app on their iPads to describe the character traits of a chosen storybook character. Their teacher modeled the activity by mirroring an iPad to the Smart Board with AirServer. Students then used the Camera app to take a picture of their character and saved it to the camera roll. They created a  Popplet (a graphic organizer) which showed the traits of that character by importing the photo and typing in the traits. img_0793The Popplets were saved to the camera roll and the students used AirPlay and AirDrop to send it to the teacher’s iPad. Prior to beginning this lesson, students spent time learning how to use the app and they created Popplets all about themselves. This gave them the opportunity to have fun learning the tools and exploring character traits to prepare for the project. Click here for more details about this project.