1st Grade – Ways to Make 10

dnt_iphone1aThe Draw and Tell iPad app is great for students to use when telling stories and illustrating their ideas. They can use stickers, crayons, pencils or paintbrushes on a variety of backgrounds to draw and write. They can then record their own voices to narrate their story. Multiple pictures can be combined together to create a longer video and then it can be saved to the camera roll. This app can be used for a multitude of activities.

In math we had the students demonstrate alimg_0457l of the different ways you can make 10. They took a picture of their 10-frame handout and saved it to the camera roll. They used that photo as the background and used the crayons to draw dots on the 10-frame. They made two or three different images using different colored crayons and wrote out their number sentences. Once finished they narrated their story to explain how they got 10. After AirDropping their video to their teacher’s iPad, the class gathered around the Smart Board to view their work. For more details about this lesson, click here.